Studio CREATE is the creative outlet of crafter and entrepreneur, Patti Vides. She has a strong computer design background and a passion for paper-crafted projects. By incorporating both digital design and hands-on time, Patti maintains the balance she needs as a Libra and her home-based studio satisfies her introverted need for personal space. She values uniqueness and functionality of projects. The Studio motto is "Create. Have fun. Always dream. Never grow up."

Ready-made products are for sale on Etsy in the studioCREATE storefront. Currently, custom journals and photo frames are in stock, but as an optimist and entrepreneur, Patti is creating and sharing new ideas and products as soon as she can.

Studio CREATE began as a design and crafting service for birthday parties (craft & instruction on-site) and after-school classes. In order to spend more time in the Studio, the focus shifted to products made-to-order. Etsy was an important part of the journey, opening the Studio up to a much larger audience. With more time to create, the future is exciting and unscripted.

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